Political Parties

Whether you are a federal or provincial political party, once that writ is dropped the race is on! Today everyone is highly connected through big tech. That means you'll need a web presence that fits your needs and your budget!

Our template for local and federal politics includes the following:

  • Domain Registration
  • Lightning Fast Servers
  • SSL Certificates (Secure Websites)
  • Hosting
  • Auto-responders for rapid mail services and newsletter deliver
  • Custom branding
  • Candidate subdomain harmonized with the main site so that the candidate can conduct his/her own fundraising and campaigning
  • Unlimited Custom emails dedicated to your domain
  • Premium plugins for site control and SEO
  • Stripe Integration so that you can take campaign donations and party memberships.

To do all of this on your own would require that you have your own “Webmaster” or that you have the time to put in a few hundred hours of trial and testing! You could go with the platform that the “big box” parties offer their Electoral District Associations, but that would leave you with no control and likely triple or quadruple the cost of using our platform.

If you want to learn more, then contact us today!